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Meet Our Donors

Our donor, Mother Elodia Jones (RIP) and daughter Mrs. Elodia Perry.

Pastor Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K Noltze.  Pastor Dr. Ronald K Noltze is son of Pastor Dr. Karl & Clarle Noltze.  Pastor Dr. Ronald K Noltze was born in the town of Liiwa (Washing of hearts) Gbangar Bong County, Liberia West Africa and grew up on Konola Academy.  To God be all the glory, Pastor Dr. Ronald K Noltze has always supported Konola Academy in years past and now, this one is big; Pastor Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K Noltze and family have built a Memorial Health Center on Konola Academy and is renovating the girls dorm.  Praise be to God for His goodness to the people of Liberia. Amen

In loving memory of Pastor Dr. & Mrs. Karl Noltze founder of Konola Academy.  Pastor Dr. Karl Noltze and Mrs. Clare Noltze (Nurse) were used by God to establish Konola Academy in 1935.

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