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AFKA has taken on a number of Projects on behalf of our Alma Mater, Konola Academy. From sending books, clothes and other needed items, to taking on smaller recovery projects, such as retiling the Cafeteria floor to sending a pickup truck for use on the Campus. Our fundraising efforts along with your kind donations, will allow us to do so much more.


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With AFKA, all donations are Tax Deductible. There are three Projects to give to:

1. The Building Fund
2. Sponsor a Student (Amos D. Fatoma, Sr. Scholarship Fund)
3. Give to the General Fund


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Since the end of the 15 year Civil War in Liberia, during which the Konola Academy Campus was used a Military Training Camp, the School has been struggling to rehab the Campus facilities. Your Donation put aside strictly for building and rehabbing the Konola Academy infrastructure will go a long way quickly and can make a long term impact. We are thankful for the donation of Mother Jones who assisted us in getting a new bathroom for our girls' dorm.  Please continue to donate.  It will emensely help us to restore our campus.  

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